Cambrian News photographer - Richard Thorpe, Mari Leyden, Linda Aston and Janet Dehaaff at the protest

STOP The War Ceredigion took to the streets in Aberystwyth to protest against Israel on Wednesday.

The Cambrian News reported “Protesters gathered in Owain Glyndwr Square to demonstrate after reports that Palestinians were shot by the Israelis in Gaza when the American embassy opened in Jerusalem.

A spokesperson for Stop The War Ceredigion said: “The vigil was to allow Ceredigion folk to show their deep solidarity with the Palestinian people after Monday’s mass killing in Gaza by the Israeli government forces.”

“The straightforward discussion about the ever-increasing number of Israeli human-rights abuses has been purposefully surrounded with political pitfalls of false antisemitism claims.

“Nonetheless, the people of the UK have a strong natural sense of injustice, and even without impartial and accurate information, they know the truth behind the Palestinian struggle.

“Stop the War Ceredigion calls on these people to come together, and through appropriate lobbying, political events, and embracing the BDS movement (Boycott – Divestment – Sanctions), we can change the way the UK foreign office operates overseas, making it a force for justice and equality.”

Stop the War Ceredigion also organised a political meeting in Aberystwyth at St Anne’s Church Hall in Penparcau to protest against military strikes against Syria.

The meeting was chaired by Harry Rogers of Stop the War Ceredigion.

Lindsey German, a founder member of Stop the War Coalition, author and activist, was the first speaker and was followed by Adam Johannes, political activist and secretary of Cardiff Stop the War.

Ayla Gol, lecturer of international politics at Aberystwyth University and an exiled Kurd from Turkey, also gave a speech as did Mark Serwotka, Public and Commercial Services union general secretary” here.

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