Cambrian News photographer

AN Aberystwyth man who assaulted his former partner, pushed her to the ground repeatedly during a heated argument after she had gone through his jacket pockets and found a condom.

The Cambrian News reported “Mark Xavier Macdonald, 32, had denied assaulting Amanda Griffiths in the incident on 23 February, but was convicted following a trial.

A sentencing hearing heard that Macdonald and Ms Griffiths had been in a relationship, but things had become fraught and they were sleeping separately, although living in the same house.

Prosecutor Kevin Challinor said that on 23 February, Ms Griffiths had been going outside to smoke when she saw Macdonald’s jacket and searching the pockets found a condom.

She went into his bedroom and grabbed his phone, telling Macdonald to “just admit it” while holding up the condom.

Mr Challinor said that led to Macdonald going into Ms Griffiths’ room and starting to knock over items, saying: “If you’re going to go through my stuff I’ll go through your stuff.”

Ms Griffiths admitted that she had punched Macdonald, of Flat 3, 17 Portland Street, in the face when he walked towards her, thinking he was going to assault her, but Macdonald then grabbed her by the throat and pushed her onto the bed.

Macdonald then went downstairs and Ms Griffiths heard banging and called the police.

Mr Challinor said Macdonald then went to his room before barging into Ms Griffiths’ room, causing the door to hit her and trying to grab her phone, but Mr Challinor said Ms Griffiths had her hands in her pocket and fell when she was pushed, unable to break her fall.

As Macdonald tried to get her phone, he said she bit him before he managed to grab her phone and walk off.

Ms Griffiths followed asking for her phone back, and said Macdonald pushed her to the floor repeatedly before putting his foot on her back and holding her down on the floor.

Mr Challinor said police officers who attended saw signs of the disturbance as described by Ms Griffiths in the house.

Macdonald, who represented himself, said he was planning on appealing against his conviction, but said he would abide by a community order proposed by the probation service.

He said that he had lost his job following his conviction and was hoping to return to south Wales shortly.

Responding to a request for magistrates to impose a restraining order, Macdonald said he did not object to that.

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order with 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 175 hours of unpaid work.

Macdonald was also ordered to pay cost of £485 and compensation of £200″ here.