Huxley the octopus

Octopuses are known for their intelligence: being able to solve a Rubik’s cube, and escape from a jar by unscrewing the lid, but local Aberystwyth Octopus enthusiast Adam Samuels says he has bred a “super intelligent” octopus that can respond to questions asked him.

Through the medium of bubbles (one bubble for a ‘Yes’, and two for ‘No’ answer) Huxley the octopus has answered questions spoken loudly above the water.

When offered a shrimp, Huxley would make one bubble for ‘Yes’, but when offered a french fry, two bubbles for ‘No’ would surface. “That’s when I realised he may be communicating” Adam said.

He continued: “Some of the answers so far have been confusing, as when asked if he could understand what I’m asking him he gave two bubbles for ‘no’ – but I’m sure an octopus of this intelligence can understand sarcasm”

We decided to challenge Huxley with a more sophisticated question, “Do we have free will?” to which Huxley seemed disturbed and spat a cloud of sand in our direction. “I’m really excited about my discovery” Adam said.

This is not the first spectacular news from Adam Samuels. In 2014 he claimed to have taught his dog to play chess. The dog beat Samuels other three dogs and his budgerigar hands down, he says.

Samuels has logged the answers to over 500 questions, and plans to publish a complete book of the wisdom of Huxley the octopus.  He is yet to hear back from any publishers.


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