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A MAN is being kept in jail “for the safety of the people of Aberystwyth.”­

The Cambrian News reported “Shaun Jones, 38, had been due to be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court last Tuesday for assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Paul Thomas was told he had already spent five months on remand in prison following his arrest.­

Judge Thomas agreed that would be about the custodial element of the prison sentence he deserved.

But he was not willing to let him free until there was a package in place that would help to ensure the safety of local people.

Jones, of no fixed address, had admitted attacking Michael Langford outside the town’s central library.

Helen Randall, prosecuting, said Mr Langford had said something like “Hiya mate” as Jones walked past.

For some reason Jones turned back and picked a fight, and soon punched him to the ground and then stamped on him.

Mr Langford suffered a head injury during the assault.

The court heard that Jones had been the subject of a community order at the time.

Judge Thomas said he accepted that Jones had probably already served on remand the sentence that he deserved.

But he was not willing to release him back into the community without a probation service package in place restricting his activity.

The probation service, he said, would have to devise a set of measures that would ensure the safety of the people of Aberystwyth.

Jones will be sentenced when a suitable package has been prepared” here

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