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AN Aberystwyth man who was seen by witnesses to bundle his girlfriend into his car has been given a conditional discharge.

The Cambrian News reported “Meshach Ellis Marquis, 22, of Basement Flat, 3 Albert Place, pleaded guilty to assaulting Megan Blake on 16 June.

Ms Blake told police she did not support a prosecution, Aberystwyth magistrates heard, and Marquis’s solicitor Kevin Williams said Marquis had been trying to help Ms Blake at the time.

Prosecutor Rhian Jones said witnesses told police they had heard a row between Marquis and Ms Blake and saw Marquis grab Ms Blake’s phone before she tried to grab it back.

Marquis was then seen to put his hands on either side of Ms Blake’s head and push her into the passenger side of his car, but Ms Jones said the witnesses said that Ms Blake didn’t want to go in the car and appeared to be struggling.

She eventually got out and started walking away, but Ms Jones said that when one of the witnesses shouted for Marquis to leave her alone, the couple both acted as if there hadn’t been an issue.

Ms Jones said when police spoke to Ms Blake she did not make a statement as she did not want any prosecution to take place.

Mr Williams insisted the case should not have been brought to court, saying that the couple had been out socialising. Ms Blake had been drinking and Marquis just wanted to take her home.

He said the couple are still together and are happy and said it was unfair that Marquis had been taken to court when he was just trying to help Ms Blake.

Marquis was given a 12-month conditional discharge, but will pay costs of £105″ here.

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