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A KNIFE-WIELDING man who was drunk and on drugs has admitted threatening a group of people at Aberystwyth’s skatepark and shouting threats to stab and kill a woman in the town centre.

Cambrian News reported “Scott James Hamilton, 22, had approached a group of people at the skatepark on 2 July appearing to be confrontational whilst holding a knife.

Magistrates heard that he had also made a string of threats to a woman who had stepped in to help a friend who had been confronted by Hamilton earlier in the evening.

He has been remanded in custody by Aberystwyth magistrates before sentencing at Swansea Crown Court on 3 August because it was felt the case was too serious for them to deal with.

Hamilton, who pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and possession of a knife used to threaten, hurled a string of threats to Jayne Eden after she had gone to help a friend who had been propositioned by Hamilton as she was trying to go to work.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said that Ms Eden had told Hamilton to leave, but as he was still in the area decided to get a picture of him in case there were any future incidents.

That sparked Hamilton to launch into a string of threats to Ms Eden where he threatened to stab her and kill her.

Ms Tench said that Hamilton had then approached a group of people in the skatepark, first asking if they had a number for “hookers”.

He then became confrontational, picking up the skateboard of one of the group before approaching him while holding a knife.

Hamilton then walked away before returning to the group, who again saw that he was holding a knife.

Ms Tench said Hamilton crossed the road to the Starling Cloud pub where customers saw him with the knife, but he then returned to the group in the skatepark for a third time asking them if things “were cool” and if there were any problems.

Defence solicitor Janem Jones said Hamilton, of 13A Castle Green in Shrewsbury, had been heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time, but admits the offences.

She said that he did not want to seek bail and accepted that he would be sentenced in crown court” here.

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