Cambrian News photographer - Town mayors could receive more than £2,000 thanks to changes from the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales. Pictured is Steve Davies, the current mayor of Aberystwyth

SWEEPING changes to the payment of town and community councillors could see the mayor of Aberystwyth receive over £2,000 for performing the role.

The Cambrian News reported “Until 2014, town and community councillors were purely voluntarily, but that year, the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales determined its first payment scheme after taking over responsibility for the remuneration of those councils.

For 2018, the panel has decided that community and town councils that collect over £200,000 a year in tax, including Aberystwyth, will have to “provide a Civic Head payment to the mayor or chair of the council up to a maximum of £1,500 to undertake the functions of that office”.

Aberystwyth council will also have to provide a Deputy Civic Head payment to the deputy mayor up to a maximum of £500.

Five members of a council will also be able to claim £500 for “senior roles” including those of committee heads.

The new payments are in addition to a £150 payment for costs and expenses that all councillors will receive where receipts are not needed.

That payment will be on top of any travelling expenses which will be claimed as usual.

For Aberystwyth, it means that taxpayers will be looking at a sum of around £3,500 a year for extra senior role payments, with the council having four committee heads, and another £2,700 for the £150 expenses payment to all councillors” here.

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