Cambrian News photographer - Roger Owen of Penparcau, who cut the hedges himself in October after becoming “fed up” waiting for the council, has criticised the plans to widen the path - saying that it just needs the hedges cutting

A PENPARCAU man has questioned the need to widen a footpath after the council recently claimed it was too cash-strapped to cut hedges along the busy route.

The Cambrian News reported “Roger Owen labelled Ceredigion County Council’s claim that it was too broke to cut hedges along the footpath between Fifth Avenue and St Brieuc Bridge once in over six months as “absolute nonsense” in a Cambrian News article in October.

This came after residents told the Cambrian News in August that children walking along the path were getting stung in the face because of overgrown hedges.

The council has this week confirmed that they are to begin works to widen the path to allow better shared usage by cyclists and pedestrians. They aim to complete the project by the end of March.

Responding to the news, Mr Owen, who cut the hedges himself in October after becoming “fed up” waiting for the council, said that any investment in improving the path was to be welcomed.

But he questioned the need to spend the money on widening the path when the reason it was so narrow was because the hedges weren’t being cut.

“At least something is being done down there, but I’m sure there are better things to be spending money on,” Mr Owen told the Cambrian News.

“The county council says that it can’t afford to cut the hedges, but it can afford to widen the pavement. I think the path is wide enough, but only if the council keeps the hedges cut” here.