Cambrian News photographer - Mark Williams MP (inset) has criticised Ceredigion council's refusal to reveal the full cost of Aberystwyth's bandstand

MP Mark Williams has expressed concern about Ceredigion council’s refusal to reveal the full cost of Aberystwyth’s new bandstand.

The Cambrian News reported “The council has confirmed it has been involved in a dispute with the contractors employed to build the bandstand.

But it has refused again to say what the dispute was about or confirm whether or not the project ran over budget.

The Cambrian News has been forced to make a Freedom of Information request in a bid to establish the true cost of the bandstand.

One deadline passed, with the council saying that it needed more time, and now the Cambrian News’ request has been completely rejected by the council, which said the authority could not provide any information on the rumoured £300,000 overspend because it included “information provided in confidence” and “prejudice to commercial interests”.

The authority has even suggested that it won’t provide the final cost of the bandstand scheme as it could jeopardise the authority’s attempts to get contractors for future projects.

MP Mark Williams said: “It is concerning that Ceredigion council is not willing to say how much has been spent to date on the bandstand scheme.

“This is public money and the public should have a right to know what has been spent and where.

“The council is responsible to the public that it serves and this is a very important point of public accountability” here.

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