Cambrian News photographer - MP Ben Lake

Ceredigion MP Ben Lake will today tell the House of Commons that the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit has led to “unprecedented uncertainty” that will not be stopped by her ‘deal’.

Cambrian News reported “Mr Lake will make the comments during the debate on the Meaningful Vote, following its resumption on Wednesday.

Mr Lake is expected to highlight the concerns of the agricultural sector in particular.

He will say that, at best, the deal offers a “20-month stay of execution” and fails to deliver any long-term certainty for the farming industry and rural communities.

Despite the Government’s “great deal of ambition” for future trade with Europe, Mr Lake will say, that the experience of the past two years “does not instil a great deal of confidence in the Government’s ability to deliver on such ambition”.

The Plaid Cymru MP will also reiterate that he will continue to work across party lines to block a ‘No Deal’ exit from the EU.

During the debate, Mr Lake will say: “Whilst Parliament has triggered Article 50 and debated Brexit for over two years, the agricultural sector has been plunged into unprecedented uncertainty.

“All this Government has presented Parliamentarians is with an offer of embarking on a voyage to an unknown destination, warning that it will leave us poorer, and could lead to ruin. Yet it nevertheless asks me to relinquish any say over the choice of destination, and to renounce all influence over the course it has charted.

“Let us be clear: this proposal is nothing more than a 20-month stay of execution. It is not a reprieve.

“I will not support any deal that destroys the economy of Wales, and plunges us into deeper uncertainty” here.

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