Cambrian News photographer - Heather’s health is deteriorating and she is largely confined to the house

A CEREDIGION woman has “given up hope of getting better” after the health board refused to fund treatment which is only available in England.

The Cambrian News reported “Heather Hamlin-Brewer used to spend her days working in Tesco in Aberystwyth, walking her dogs and riding her motorbike, but the 61-year-old is virtually house-bound now, which she says is as a result of complications from mesh, implanted during surgery for pelvic organ prolapse.

The mother-of-four says Hywel Dda refuses to give her cross-border funding to see a specialist in England, and there is no-one in Wales who can help.

“I am a victim of surgical mesh, fighting to get the treatment I desperately need,” she told the Cambrian News.

“In the meantime my condition deteriorates. I have gone from an active person walking, hiking, horse riding, motorbike-riding to shuffling with the aid of a walking stick between bed and sofa.

“I am about to lose my job and I am practically housebound as I can no longer drive and car journeys are too painful to attempt other than for hospital appointments.”

In 2010 Heather, who used to live in south Wales, had surgery for a prolapse at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

She had to have the operation again in 2011, but her health continued to deteriorate.

Despite that, Heather and her partner Steve moved to Ceredigion three years ago, settling between Blaenpennal and Bronant. She registered with Tregaron Surgery who investigated her problems and discovered the probable cause.

“It was like a light bulb moment when I found out,” she said. “All the problems I’ve had over the years are all symptomatic of the mesh.

“It feels like having broken glass in your stomach. I also get a stabbing pain in my groin and my leg gives way.

The health board said it was unable to comment” here.

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