Cambrian News photographer - Mayor Talat Chaudhri has praised the inclusivity of Aberystwyth as demonstrated in his inaugural parade

THE new mayor of Aberystwyth has praised the “immensely positive” inclusivity of the town as he begins his term as the first person from an ethnic background to take up the role.

The Cambrian News reported “In his first interview with the Cambrian Newssince taking up the role as mayor of the town, Cllr Talat Chaudhri said he is “looking forward to the challenge”, saying representing the town as mayor is a “privilege.”

Cllr Chaudhri – a British Punjabi raised in England who speaks fluent Welsh – has lived in Aberystwyth since 1998, and was elected to Aberystwyth Town Council just two years ago to represent the town’s North Ward for Plaid Cymru.

He told the Cambrian News that being the “first mayor from an ethnic minority” sends an “important message” about how people from ethnic minority backgrounds contribute to communities.

“The identity of towns evolve but its Welsh culture is being strengthened by multiculturalism and gaining a wider international outlook,” he said. “The image that the town projects through its inclusivity is an immensely positive one.”

Cllr Chaudhri said his taking the role also shows that Plaid Cymru – which has had the last four Aberystwyth mayors including two non-Welsh speakers in Cllr Steve Davies and Irishman Brendan Somers – is an “inclusive party”.

“I think it gives the message that Wales has a strong sense of self that is inclusive and positive,” Cllr Chaudhri said.

“The message is that we represent all people in Wales, regardless of their language” here.

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