Cambrian News photographer - Nia, her husband Tudur and their three children

AN Aberystwyth woman has made the most of her family’s appearance on a brand new S4C reality series to set up her own business decorating and selling furniture.

The Cambrian News reported “Nia Jenkins works for the Ceredigion Youth Justice Service, and her family recently took part in Y Ty Arian as one of six families entering the ‘Money House’ for 48 hours to receive guidance on how to make financial savings.

Nia and her husband Tudur, who have three children between 10 months and seven years, were renovating their house to sell it when they applied to go into the ‘Ty Arian’. According to Nia, council tax rates are high in Aberystwyth, they had a mortgage and bills to pay, and the children’s activities contributed to their spending.

Nia admits that she has a keen interest in charity shop bargains, which led her to start thinking about setting up a business buying, doing up and selling furniture.

And now, Lwli Mabi is up and running as a business on the social media platform Instagram.

Nia said: “If I saw something cheap, no matter what it was, I’d be able to justify buying it because it was a bargain.

“After we’d done the programme, I started to look at what I was buying, and managed to set up a business using what I was buying. I buy furniture. As we were doing the house up, I had a habit of looking for furniture. I was buying stuff although I had no room for it and it was starting to mount up, really nice stuff too.

“I started painting and since doing the programme, I’ve started to sell it.”

Nia and her family will appear in Y Ty Arian on Thursday, 3 May” here.

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