Cambrian News photographer - The former Arriva depot in Aberystwyth

A PRIME Aberystwyth development site is likely to be left in limbo for at least another year as Ceredigion County Council struggles to find a contractor or development scheme for the site.

Cambrian News reported “The former Arriva depot site has been left empty for five years after the transport company pulled out of bus contracts in Ceredigion, with the council then using Welsh Government regeneration funding to buy the site to enable a potential development to go ahead.

Since then, the council has abandoned attempts to find a developer with a suitable scheme after initially going out asking for suggestions for the site in February 2015, and then stalling on attempts to find potential new schemes to instead allow a review into parking in Aberystwyth to take place.

While local councillor Ceredig Davies said the ongoing economic climate meant that agreeing major developments was difficult, he said it was important to ensure that a suitable development was put forward rather than something that could be done quickly.

He said: “The Arriva bus depot should not be seen as a stand-alone site. Its development and the development of the surrounding properties owned by the local authority needs to be done in such a way as to bring long-term economic benefit to the town.

A council spokesperson said it was continuing with discussions with developers about possible future options for the Arriva depot site.

They said: “The council is continuing to talk with developers in the town and considering options.

“The council will market the site again when it is anticipated that development will come forward.

“It is hoped that this will be in the next six to 12 months” here.

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