Cambrian News photographer - Parents slam ‘unfair’ lack of funds for Aberystwyth school

PARENTS of pupils at Penglais school in Aberystwyth will meet with politicians this Friday to discuss their concerns over a lack of funding and support as the school fights to avoid going into special measures.

The Cambrian News reported “The parents say it is unfair that Penglais seems to get far less per pupil than other schools in Ceredigion, and have asked for a meeting with Elin Jones and Ben Lake. It will take place at 11am at the Morlan Centre.

An alleged lack of urgency from council officials in supporting the school, and the impact on the wider Aberystwyth and Ceredigion community and the threat of the school going into special measures are some of the other key points parents want to raise.

Some parents have also expressed concern that there seems to be absolutely no funding available for building and infrastructure work at Penglais, as it all seems to be being spent on the new ‘super-schools’ in Ceredigion.

Earlier this month there was a meeting at the school to discuss its recent Estyn report.

Penglais was recently placed in the Red category, judged to be ‘in need of significant improvement’ and is in danger of falling into Special Measures.

Parents attending the Morlan meeting have concerns that the school has endured £500,000 in budget cuts over the last few years resulting in redundancies and that staff numbers have fallen from a FTE of 86.6, to 70, over the past five years.

The county council and the Welsh Government did not comment” here.

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