Cambrian News photographer - Claire Haddon was among the tenants told by Tai Ceredigion to give up their dogs after a member of the public was bitten

A PETITION has been launched to stop social housing landlord Tai Ceredigion from forcing tenants in flats in Penparcau to give up their dogs or lose their tenancies.

The Cambrian News reported “The petition has attracted over 1,000 signatories since its launch.

Tai Ceredigion has come under fire after it issued demands for Penparcau tenants living in flats with dogs to rehome their pets or their tenancies would be withdrawn, despite knowing that dogs had been registered by tenants.

The move follows an incident in south Ceredigion where a tenant was allegedly bitten by a dog.

Angry tenants have been backed by Aberystwyth town councillors who have accused the landlord of “questionable methods” and inviting a Tai Ceredigion representative to a town council meeting.

The petition, launched by Nia Jones, had received 1,043 signatures at the time of writing.

It says: “We have been given an ultimatum, rehome your pets or you will get evicted by our housing association.

“Please help us in our fight to keep our pets and not be forced to rehome them.”

However, Paul Clasby, the chair of a Tai Ceredigion tenants group has insisted the social housing landlord is correct and says tenants in flats or sheltered accommodation that have shared access would not be allowed to keep dogs.

Mr Clasby, in a letter to tenants said: “It is regrettable that Tai Ceredigion has had to adopt this approach especially for those who are responsible pet owners.

“That said, landlords have a legal duty to ensure all residents of a community are not at risk of danger from uncontrolled dogs, to present antisocial behaviour resulting from pets and to ensure communities are clean and safe environments for all residents’s visitors and staff” here.

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