Cambrian News photographer - Back row, from left: Mari Davies, Rowy Spreull, Natalie Davies, Charlotte Evans, Bronya Jackson, Rebecca Gatehouse, Wendy Mattick and Kelly James. Front row: Chris Richards and Soma Rajikuruna

BRONGLAIS Hospital’s physiotherapy team have shown their support for a campaign aimed at keeping patients in hospital active – by wearing their pyjamas.

The Cambrian News reported “Members of the team took part in an awareness campaign for #endPJparalysis, which seeks to ensure that patients that are able to, get out of bed and get dressed.

The national campaign, which is running for 70 days between 17 April and 26 June, wants to help patients get better faster by ensuring those who are able get up and get dressed.

Charlotte Evans, of the Bronglais team, said: “The premise of #endPJparalysis is remarkably simple; enabling hospitalised patients to get up, get dressed and moving in order to prevent deconditioning and prolonged hospital admissions.

“This is important as 65 per cent of patients admitted to hospital are 65 or older and a person over 80 who spends 10 days in a hospital bed will lose 10 per cent of muscle mass. This could be the difference between going home and going to a home. We are on a 70 day #endPJparalysis challenge running across the UK and in Ireland to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS on 5 July.

“For many patients, wearing pyjamas reinforces being sick and can prevent recovery. Getting patients up, dressed and moving daily whilst in hospital significantly reduces the risks associated with prolonged bedrest” here.

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