Cambrian News photographer - Firefighters placed a candle inside the plastic pumpkin to show the effect an open flame would have on the Halloween product

Trading Standards have issued an urgent recall on plastic pumpkins warning that they pose a ‘real risk of fire’.

Cambrian News reported “Ceredigion County Council Trading Standards has issued an urgent recall on polystyrene ‘Carve Your Own Pumpkins’ that were removed from sale earlier in the week by Poundland.

The budget store had been lambasted by environmental campaign groups, such as Aberystwyth Beach Buddies and Tywyn Beach Guardians, for their decision to stock the environmentally unsound novelty Halloween decorations, causing Poundland to withdraw the pumpkins from sale on Monday.

However, a more present and sinister threat lurked within its orange husk.

Poundland is now warning consumers that this product must not be used with candles of any type and must be kept away from fire.

A shocking video – which you can watch below – has been released showing how the plastic pumpkin was completely gutted by fire within seconds of a candle being ignited within it.

Cllr Gareth Lloyd, Cabinet member for public protection services, said: “These polystyrene pumpkins pose a real risk of fire.

“They should not be placed near any candles or sources of heat or ignition.

“We strongly urge anyone who may have bought one of these, or know of someone else who has, to return them straight away to obtain a full refund” here.