Cambrian News photographer - Aberystwyth promenade could see the introduction of play areas, kiosks and stalls

Ambitious plans for new sea defences at Aberystwyth are likely to include improved community spaces, including play areas, and the ability to have kiosks and stalls on the promenade.

Cambrian News reported “The outline scheme for Aberystwyth promenade, currently being consulted on, contains provisions for improving the now-closed paddling pool area, as well as plans to introduce “services supply to the promenade for stalls and kiosks”.

A report said that “one of the key objectives” of the long-term vision for the promenade “is to protect and enhance the environment and ensure that the seafront will be managed and enhanced so that it continues to be a key open space”.

The report includes ideas for the possible redevelopment of the seafront including “opportunities to enliven it, potentially with the use of kiosks during summer”.

“The paddling pool could be redesigned to provide a contemporary fun play resource for families in the summer, as well as introducing a quirky, contemporary design element to the seafront,” the report adds.

“Community adaptations can be incorporated into the scheme”, the report said, and a consultation with the public will formulate new ideas as to what can be done while sea defences are improved. Options outlined in the report include a “street gym”, a new water park, and a community art project.

“These ideas could be developed through consultation with the local community,” the report adds.

And the “provision of financially chargeable electrical and water hook-up points for potential festival and event organisers should be incorporated alongside any secondary sea defence walls”.

The former paddling pool, which is currently a temporary sandpit, could become a play area and photo point under the plans.

A dedicated area of the promenade for the RNLI has also been suggested as part of the plans” here.