Cambrian News photographer - Ysgol Penweddig pupils who wore dresses for a GCSE leavers fancy dress event accused of ‘undermining the school and its core values’

A GROUP of boys who turned up at an Ysgol Penweddig fancy dress event for GCSE leavers dressed as girls were put in detention for the rest of the day after a single teacher took offence, it was claimed this week.

The Cambrian News reported “The school is now said to have threatened to cancel all future fancy dress events, saying the pupils had “undermined the school and its core values”.

The school’s action against the boys meant the group were left without any academic contact for most of the day, just a fortnight before they sit their first GCSE exam.

But some pupils at the school, both male and female, are outraged at the punishment meted out, claiming that just one female teacher complained and that some girls dressed up as boys without any action being taken.

One male pupil said: “After we had all changed and prepared in the morning we entered expecting a regular school day, but were instantaneously met with disapproval of one of the head staff.

“As soon as she noticed all of our outfits we were rounded up into a small room where we were then moved into a larger room where we spent the entirety of the school day. This meant that 13 pupils were without a day of education two weeks prior to our first GCSE exam.”

The county council issued a statement on behalf of the school which said: “All pupils were told prior to the fancy dress day by their registration teacher that they should dress appropriately and that they should specifically avoid offending other pupils or be seen to offend the wider community.­

“The pastoral head of Year 11 specifically reinforced this message and spoke with all the pupils in Year 11 before the day to reinforce this message.

“The pupils in question chose not to respect this and undermined the trust placed in them by the school. As such, they undermined the school and its core values of respect for authority and for the wider school community” here.

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