Cambrian News photographer

CONCERNS have been raised about drug use by pupils at the two secondary schools in Aberystwyth.

The Cambrian News reported “A scrutiny committee discussing a rise in the number of children on the child protection register in Ceredigion was told about the use of ketamine by pupils at Penglais and Penweddig schools.

Aberystwyth north councillor Mark Strong said he was concerned about children having access to drugs.

“I know there’s a problem in Aberystwyth and this is a concern,” added Cllr Strong.

He asked what strategies were in place to “ensure the safety of children in such circumstances”.

The committee heard that there was support for children in schools and the social services system to help bring issues with drugs, and associated vulnerabilities, into the open.

The three-quarters of the year from 1 April 2017 to 31 December 2017 were detailed in multi-agency CYSUR Local Operation Group Safeguarding Reports.

Sixty-four children were on the Child Protection Register at the end of the third quarter, the committee was told.

Speaking about drugs in the town after the meeting, Cllr Strong said: “Parents have said to me that it’s a problem, and from my experience I can walk from my house into town and four days out of five smell marijuana” here.

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