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CEREDIGION residents face being fined if they breach recycling rules when household waste is collected once every three weeks.

The Cambrian News reported “What began as a collection once a week and was then reduced to a once-a-fortnight service, will be further reduced following a decision by the county council’s Cabinet members who are keen to boost recycling rates.

Food waste and clear recycling bags will still be collected once a week and glass bottles and jars will be collected every three weeks, starting from a date yet to be fixed.

Despite being one of the best authorities in Wales for recycling, Ray Quant, the technical services Cabinet member, said the authority had to do much more to get households to use the clear recycling bags and food waste containers, as well as the new glass collection that is expected to begin across the county within the next year.

He wants to see fewer recyclable items placed in black bin bags.

Cllr Quant suggested that fines could be levied on rule-breaking homeowners as they have been in other areas.

But Aberystwyth councillor Ceredig Davies said he was concerned that the council wasn’t doing enough to get people “to engage with the system”.

Cllr Quant insisted the three-weekly black bin bag collections were aimed at getting more recyclable material out of black bags and into with the clear recycling bags or food waste containers.

He said: “By moving to three-weekly we’re expecting people to use the recycling bags and food waste bins.

“We’ve got to really squeeze recycling out of black bags and into clear recycling bags.

“We have to move forward with this and if people aren’t paying attention they have to pay the consequences of that” here.

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