Cambrian News photographer - Penparcau residents are taking extra security measures following a spate of burglaries

PEOPLE in Penparcau are said to be “feeling very nervous” and are taking extra security measures following reports of a spate of burglaries and attempted break-ins.

Cambrian News reported “It was reported in the Cambrian News in October that police had warned residents of Penparcau to “take basic security measures seriously” after announcing they were investigating three burglaries in the village over a 10-day period.

And amid reports of further burglaries and attempted break-ins in Min-y-Ddôl, Fifth Avenue and Tyn-y-Fron, residents have told the Cambrian News they feel “very nervous” and are increasing security at their homes.

Police have confirmed this week that they attended a disturbance at a home in Min-y-Ddôl at 2am on Sunday, 4 December, where they arrested an “aggressive” woman on suspicion of attempted burglary.

They said the woman was taken to Bronglais Hospital for examination, and that she was then released with no further action.

Jim and June Price, both 76, who have been residents of Min-y-Ddôl for more than 40 years, are taking security measures they “have never had to do before”.

“We feel very nervous,” Mr Price told the Cambrian News. “We are doing things which we have never had to do before.

“We have got a new security light we want to put up to act as a deterrent.

“We have got the [street] light here which doesn’t go off until about midnight, but then again, the incident down the road happened at about 2am” here.

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