Taberystwyth has reported that a “Ceredigion council report has claimed that Aberystwyth is seeing an increase in vacant properties for rent because of a drop in students.

It’s not yet known whether this situation is a “blip”, but the report warns landlords that they will need to consider the way in which they rent properties and to which sector, to actually be able to rent out their properties.

The report says “Changes in the supply of university accommodation and in numbers of higher education students have had the immediate effect of increasing the number of vacant properties in the Aberystwyth area.”

The development of Fferm Penglais is cited as one of the reasons for the decline in the rental market.

Third year Debi Bryant thinks it’s great for students. “I’m seeing places that were £80pw a couple years ago go for £55pw, bills included. I’ve even seen it go as low as £30pw. There’s no better time to be living and studying in Aber – the reduced rent really does help students!”

Not all students are entirely convinced that this is a good thing however. Second year Chris says “Sure the reduced rent is great and all at the moment, but if it’s because there’s fewer and fewer students coming to Aberystwyth that can’t be good for the uni.” here


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