Cambrian News photographer - At the book launch were Tim Lewis, Rugby Club chairman; author Alun Gibbard and Llyr James, Carwyn’s nephew

A NEW book has detailed the influence of Aberystwyth on the extraordinary life of a Welsh rugby legend whose name adorns the sports science building at Aberystwyth University.

The Cambrian News reported “The life of Carwyn James, most famous for his coaching achievements for both Llanelli and the British Lions, is explored in a new biography, Yn Erbyn y Gwynt by Alun Gibbard.

The book presents new and revealing revelations about Carwyn, the public figure and the private man, while also detailing his life as a student in Aberystwyth studying geography, philosophy, Welsh history and Welsh.

Carwyn played rugby for the university second team, and in his first year switched to play for the first season of the then-new Aberystwyth Rugby Club in 1947.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my rugger at Aber, mainly I suppose, due to the marvellous spirit of the team,” Carywn is quoted in the book as saying.

Team-mate at Aberystwyth Rugby Club, Ellis Davies says in the book: “It was clear that the young student who came to us at the beginning of term in 1948 was very gifted” here.

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