Cambrian News photographer - Scouts and members of the Aberystwyth Hindu Cultural Society and Syrian Refugee supporters were at Cllr Talat Chaudhri’s mayoral parade, but the Sea Cadets were unable to attend

ABERYSTWYTH Sea Cadets were left disappointed after a “breakdown in communication” led to their usual annual appearance in the town’s mayor parade being called off.

The Cambrian News reported “The troop have marched with dozens of mayors during the inauguration parade over the years, but were absent from this year’s parade to mark the taking of office of Cllr Talat Chaudhri on Sunday, 13 May.

The cadets did not appear after a change in security regulations for preparations for their participation in such an event meant the lateness of the invite and finalising of details of the parade left them too little time to organise.

Aberystwyth Town Council has said it will change its approach next year and get longer advance notice to the troops to ensure the cadets could join in the parade as usual.

A spokesperson for the Aberystwyth Sea Cadets said: “Unfortunately there was a breakdown of communication between the council and the cadet forces this year and we did not have sufficient time to organise a presence at the parade, as it takes time to organise a parade commander to lead the parade, refresh cadets on parade drill, ensure that their best uniform is at the high standard we expect, and gain parental/guardian consent.”

Aberystwyth town clerk Gweneira Raw-Rees told the Cambrian News that the cadet forces were “invited as usual”, “and wanted to support the parade as they always do.”

“But they now operate to stricter security regulations and need a longer period of advance notice,” she said. “We have noted this for next year” here.

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