Cambrian News photographer - The starlings, which have become an iconic part of the promenade view

Locals and tourists will be able to get a close-up look at the town pier’s most famous residents, with plans approved for a starling viewing platform.

Cambrian News reported “The Royal Pier owner, Revgate Aberystwyth Ltd, has been given permission to install a glass viewing platform that will allow visitors to view the nesting starlings and see them fly under the pier.

A common but famous site, the starlings and their sunset murmurations are an iconic part of the promenade view.

The plans for the platform form part of a wider, ongoing scheme to invest in and enhance the pier – first opened in 1865.

Alongside the starling viewing platform, the latest plans approved by Ceredigion council officers last month include a new indoor play area.

They will see the removal of a small area of floor structure to the first floor and construction of an indoor play area with installation of new glazed screens and doors.

They will also see the removal of a small area of floor structure for the construction of the starling viewing platform.

Building designers and planning consultants Hughes Architects have been working on proposals to enhance the entrance to the iconic Grade II-listed structure, and a scheme to update the frontage of the building has already been approved.

In its report on the latest plans, Hughes Architects said the plan will “create another feature within the pier which will attract users from the landward side of the pier through to the seaward side whilst celebrating the pier’s most famous residents”.

“The project will celebrate the pier’s most famous residents – the starlings,” the report said.

“The installation will be of a new toughened glazed floor in a small part of the pier area in order to see the starlings nesting as well as flying below the pier itself” here.