Photographer Arwyn Parry Jones

A TEENAGER left his fiancée with a swollen and cut eyebrow after assaulting her in Aberystwyth town centre.

The Cambrian News reported “Wesley Jordan McEvilly, 18, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm to Kelsey Collins during a trip the couple made to Aberystwyth in December.

Ms Collins received hospital treatment after the incident but McEvilly, of 20 Dallamoor, Hollinswood in Telford, can’t remember assaulting her, magistrates have heard.

Rhian Jones, prosecuting, said police were called in the early hours of 10 December after residents living near an alley in Pier Street said they had heard what sounded like an argument between a man and woman that they suspected had turned violent.

Ms Jones said two residents living near the alley heard an argument and what sounded like a blow before hearing a woman say: “What have you done to me?”

Following his arrest, McEvilly told police that Ms Collins had left a nightclub and he had gone to find her only to find that she had been assaulted, but Ms Jones said CCTV footage showed McEvilly had been acting aggressively and gone into the alley before Ms Collins who had followed him without any injury.

Defence solicitor Alison Mathias said, despite not remembering the incident, McEvilly accepted he had assaulted Ms Collins and was determined to take responsibility for what happened which she said was a “very mature” approach.

McEvilly was given a community order for 12 months with a condition of 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 100 hours of unpaid work. He will pay compensation to Ms Collins of £150 and costs of £170″ here.

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