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AN Aberystwyth student said she feels “horrifically let down” after learning that Dyfed-Powys Police took over six months to investigate a theft at her home only to take no action.

The Cambrian News reported “Louise Harvey turned to the police after clothing, money and an iPod had gone missing from her home.

But six months later she was left upset after learning that the police would take no action and had even taken five months to interview one person suspected to have been involved.

She said: “My experience with the police force in Aberystwyth has left me feeling let down and deeply upset. I feel horrifically let down by the way this case has been handled. There has been a distinct failure in communication from the police in this matter.

“The fact that it took five months to interview one suspect is inexcusable. I feel like I was not taken as a priority and that the police are trying to brush me as a victim aside.

“I’m been left looking like a fool and am understandably very upset by the results.”

Ms Harvey has appealed against the police’s decision to take no further action and is currently waiting for a response from the police.

A police spokesperson said: “Dyfed-Powys Police received a complaint of a suspected burglary on 6 April. A decision was reached on 8 September that no action would be taken as there was insufficient evidence” here.

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