Cambrian News photographer - The Tour Series last came to Aberystwyth in 2016

THE cycling UK Tour Series could return to Aberystwyth in 2018, just a year after organisers rejected the chance to hold a stage in the town.

The Cambrian News reported “Ceredigion County Council has agreed to underwrite the £75,000 costs of hosting the event.

But councillors have been highly critical of the company formed as part of Aberystwyth’s Business Improvement District for refusing to take over responsibility for the event.

Unhappy councillors have called in the Cabinet decision and the matter will now be discussed again at a council scrutiny committee meeting where a recommendation will be returned to the Cabinet.

The company, called Advancing Aberystwyth, ruled out becoming the hosts for the event because every other stage is hosted by the county council where the stage is held, councillors warned they would not be likely to support underwriting the cost of the event in future years and insisted the BID was only established to provide support for events such as the Tour Series.

The council will now seek sponsors and contributors to help fund the cost.

Cllr Gareth Lloyd said: “I’m very disappointed that Advancing Aberystwyth hasn’t seen the advantage of taking on, but that is their decision.”

But council leader Ellen ap Gwynn said the event, which will be part of the AberCycleFest weekend, would attract visitors to the area and would benefit Ceredigion as a whole.

She said: “If we can draw something like this to Aberystwyth it is important and important to the north of the county.

“It wouldn’t be healthy at all to say we’re closing the door to Ceredigion. We have to be seen on the national and international stage” here.

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