Cambrian News photographer - The Tour Series last came to Aberystwyth in 2016

ABERYSTWYTH is set to host the UK Tour Series cycling event despite fears it would not happen after an Aberystwyth business group said it couldn’t pay £30,000 to meet half of the cost of the event.

The Cambrian News reported “Ceredigion County Council Cabinet members had initially agreed to underwrite the full cost of the tour event, but after that decision was called in by three councillors unhappy that the authority was prepared to spend £60,000, Cabinet members reconsidered.

That led to Cabinet members agreeing to provide £30,000 toward hosting the event, but on the condition that Advancing Aberystwyth, the company formed following the Business Improvement District vote, provided funding of £30,000.

However, while Sophie Fuller, the chair of the Advancing Aberystwyth board, said it had been decided the company could not provide that money, the council has confirmed that “following negotiations” the event would still be coming to Aberystwyth, although it is not known what agreement was reached with organisers Sweetspot and where the funding will come from.

Ms Fuller had said: “It is with genuine regret that we are unable to provide funding towards the CycleFest as our events budget had already been committed to a full schedule of pre-planned events before the request for funding was received” here.

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