Cambrian News photographer - Trees near the North Road clinic in Aberystwyth are facing the chop

Five poplar trees and a row of cypress trees in Aberystwyth face being chopped down by the town council because their roots are said to be affecting homes and gardens and could invalidate the council’s insurance.

Cambrian News reported “The poplar trees, along the Cambridge Terrace alleyway close to gardens behind houses in Queens Road, have seen “substantially increased root activity”, the town council said, and that residents have been asking for something to be done since 2015 whilst “getting increasingly frustrated and anxious.”

Some residents have called for a tree protection order to be put in place to save the four silver poplars and one Lombardy-type poplar, as well as the row of Monterey Cypress trees to the rear of the North Road Clinic which are being felled for “health and safety reasons” due to frequent storm damage.

The five poplars are around 36 years old, but the council insists they “should not have been planted in this location, in such close proximity to houses.”

If allowed to continue growing, the problems will worsen and cost the council a significant amount of money, the council argued.

Resident Nicki Orton said that there has been a “lack of consultation” over the plans, and that some people were “upset” about the decision.

“We should, here in Aberystwyth, be protecting our species not destroying them,” she said.

“These trees belong to the people of Aberystwyth. They are valuable and should be kept.”

The town council said it had taken the decision “reluctantly” and remained “passionate about trees and about protecting and enhancing the environment”.

The council said it has liaised with Greener Aberystwyth Group as well as property owners before the decision was made.

A notice of conservation works has been posted by Ceredigion council, and any comments and representations must be received by Wednesday, 21 November.

Observations on the plan can be given at, or by ringing 01545 572141 quoting reference CA0/4/2018″ here.

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