Cambrian News photographer - Work to demolish the old fire station

A COMMITMENT to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill led to a three-week delay in the building of Aberystwyth’s new fire station, a new report has revealed.

The Cambrian News reported “The report by Enabling Zero Waste has shown that the project, completed by WRW Construction in August 2016, smashed Welsh Government targets for recycling and reusing waste – sending less than two per cent of waste to landfill.

The £1.7m project, which took 48 weeks to build including an eight-week demolition programme, was delayed by three weeks – the report said – “due to committed waste segregation practices during the demolition phase”.

The build also encountered winter storms.

The EZW report has praised Mid and West Wales Fire Service and the construction team for its “enthusiasm and commitment” to reducing landfill waste.

“Although the exercise delayed the project programme by three weeks, all parties involved remained positive to the initiative throughout, which led to high recycling rates being achieved,” the report said.

The recycling rates for all waste materials recorded an average of 97.7 per cent. The report shows with over 1,127 tonnes being recycled or reused.

Just over nine tonnes of waste were sent to landfill throughout the demolition and build.

Crushed brick and concrete from the demolition was used at a housing development in Llanfarian and at a business in Trefenter for hardstanding and road.

The focus on recycling and reusing even sees the existing coat hangers from the former fire station being salvaged and used in the new building.

EZW said the project had “a number of successes” here.

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