Manon Steffan Ros and Elwyn Williams, known as Blodau Gwylltion, launch their debut album on Friday. Photo: Elgan Griffiths

AN Aberystwyth man and a Tywyn woman will release an album made by accident next week.

The Cambrian News reported “Llifo Fel Oed is the first album by Blodau Gwylltion, a two-piece band from mid Wales.

Its members, Manon Steffan Ros and Elwyn Williams, recorded these songs in Stiwdio Iawn in Aberystwyth over a few years and realised recently they had enough material for an album.

“We didn’t set out to make an album,” Elwyn explained, “it just happened.

“Manon, who I’ve known for years, had these songs and wanted to record them. I have some equipment so we did them in batches and we realised we had about 15 songs, so we picked the best 11 and now Sain records is going to release them.”

The intimate, low-fi sound of the songs on the album was important to the pair when recording, giving the impression of a live performance.

“It sounds very personal, as though the band is there with the listener. There are a few faint background noises – there is a song with the cry of a seagull, and another which features the lovely melodic sigh of Greta, Elwyn’s little girl!” Manon, who is also an author, said.

The band combines folk and country influences and all the songs are written by Manon, with the exception of Ddoi Di Dei, which is a traditional folk song that was sung to her by her mother.

Themes include the trickle of time, and there are many songs that feature water – the sea, lakes and rivers of Wales.

The album title, Llifo Fel Oed, or ‘Flows Like Age’ comes from the final track, Plant Bach.

Llifo Fel Oed is released on Friday and Blodau Gwylltion will perform three acoustic sessions in Welsh bookshops on Saturday” here.