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Opinions on what is important to residents about living in Aberystwyth are being sought to form a Place Plan for the area.

Cambrian News reported “An Aberystwyth Place Plan group has been formed and the group has been tasked by Ceredigion County Council to formulate a plan that will feed directly into the council’s Local Development Plan.

It will be formed using the opinion of residents following a series of workshops and meetings, which will begin next month.

Aberystwyth Place Plan co-ordinator Cllr Charlie Kingsbury said: “The idea behind it is that community and town councils truly engage communities, be it community groups, businesses, or individuals who come together to create a supplementary document for the Local Development Plan.

“It doesn’t have to be strictly planning either, though that will be the main focus. At the end of it there will be a Place Plan document that covers areas of genuine importance to the people of the Aberystwyth area.”

“The Place Plan group was formed from a public meeting held last year where officers were elected,” added Cllr Kingsbury.

The group’s management board is made up of town and community councillors, along with representatives from Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, local businesses and community groups.

A workshop will be held at Arad Goch on Bath Street on 7 February at 6.30pm to gather views which will go towards producing the Aberystwyth Place Plan.

“The workshop is about identifying those main areas of importance to people in the area, and will form the basis of our focus moving ahead,” Cllr Kingsbury added.

“Come and tell us what kind of place you would like to see” here.

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